Cheap Highlights, Free Free Throws and Lebron’s Flop

People with half a brain can always watch a few manipulated highlights on the evil 4-letter’s banner program and pretend that’s precisely how the game played out. You watch a 15-second clip of a baseball game and you get two pitches with a homerun and the box score flashes (so in a 9-inning game that lasted for roughly three hours that’s all that happened?) You watch the highlights from a Clippers game and you’ll see Blake Griffin with a few high-flying dunks then the box score brightens your TV for another 3-seconds (those were the only two plays that somewhere created a final score of 106-99 in a 48-minute game of basketball?)

This is what happened Saturday night after the Miami Heat destroyed the New York Knicks 100-67 in game one of the first round of the NBA Playoffs. The score was not indicative of the actual game. The game that was played at American-Airlines Arena in Miami was actually a complete joke to watch and it should be considered as an embarrassment for all NBA corporate officials involved, and especially David Stern.

After witnessing that disaster, I am convinced the Miami Heat will win the championship this year. Not because they are clearly far and away the better team – but because that’s what everyone wants. There was a reason David Stern allowed Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to play on the same together, then, a year later, did not allow Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant to play for the same team as Stern 86’d a CP3 trade to the Lakers.

Competitive balance my ass!

If there was such a thing as competitive balance, Miami and Chicago wouldn’t be heads and shoulders above everyone else in the Eastern Conference. If there was such a thing as competitive balance; Charlotte might’ve won more than 7 games this year. If there was such a thing as competitive balance, maybe 9 of the NBA’s 30 teams would’ve won more than 25 games. Thirty percent of the league was god-awful. Yet according to Stern contraction isn’t an option. Of the more than 300 NBA games I’ve watched this season, I can barely recall twenty memorable games. I can only remember a handful of crappy NFL games last year. If there was such a thing as competitive balance, then maybe all 16 teams in the playoffs would be considered as contenders instead of just five (Thunder, Spurs, Lakers, Bulls, Heat). The New York Giants were one loss away from never making the playoffs and they won the Super Bowl with a 9-7 regular season record. There’s no chance for teams like Orlando, Denver, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, Indiana, Memphis, LA Clips, New York, Boston or Utah to win it all. These teams might win a series and a few games but they aren’t claiming the final prize. And now, as expected by yours truly, Miami is going to receive more help.

On Saturday’s Knicks vs. Heat game, Miami went to the free throw line 33 times and the Knicks shot 11 total free throws. So you’re telling me that Miami is exactly three times more likely to get fouled? Miami is more susceptible to shoot more free throws because they have Lebron and Wade who can always drive to the rim and draw whistles? Usually playoff teams aren’t that terrible that they commit 26 fouls as a team. Lebron James shot more free throws by himself with 14 attempts than the entire Knicks team did.

I bet you can’t guess what the game’s highlights looked like? It was a lot of Lebron James and Dwayne Wade with a splash of Carmelo Anthony with his one good shot and one of the most bogus flagrants of all-time. No where am I saying Lebron didn’t play well, he was excellent. Lebron James is the most amazing player in the NBA (except for the 4th quarter) but James doesn’t need any extra help. No where am I saying Carmelo and the Knicks didn’t play horrible either because they did. Melo was an astounding 3-15 from the field. Miami is clearly the better team. What I’m implying, is to let these guys play. Wouldn’t it be more fun to let these guys play physical hoops. Of course you have to call obvious and blatant fouls but whistling for flagrants when Lebron James is doing a better job of acting and flopping around the court is an absolute joke. The technical needs to go to Lebron for toying with league officials but we all know that’s something that would never happen.

Even commentator Jeff Van Gundy was in disbelief of this terrible call see here. “They called that flagrant? Oh come on. What kind of league are we becoming if that’s a flagrant foul. That’s not a shot. He’s not expecting it to be screened. It’s not because of what Chandler did that was so flagrant. You can’t adjust to the reaction.”

And I thought they flopped in soccer matches?

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